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Warranty Information

Note: In all warranty or repair cases, you must contact IGO to discuss your warranty, repair, replacement or exchange options BEFORE you ship us any hardware.

Limited 2-year Warranty Every pre-built desktop, workstation and server we sell comes with a limited 2-year warranty. This warranty is limited to replacement of failed hardware. We can replace your hardware one of three ways:

  • credit - if you need the part right away, we'll ship you the replacement immediately. We'll send a PayPal request and, after you pay it, we'll ship the part. If we receive the failed part within 30 days after the replacement is shipped to you, we'll issue a PayPal refund.

  • exchange - If you ship us the failed part, we'll send a replacement part to you after the defective part is received.

  • repair - if you don't feel comfortable fixing your computer yourself, ship us the computer (just the tower or rack server). When we receive it, we'll diagnose and repair the problem.

Limited 1-year Warranty Every pre-built notebook and laptop we sell comes with a limited 1-year warranty. This warranty is limited to replacement of failed hardware. In most cases you'll have to ship us the computer, and we'll ship it back after it's repaired.

Manufacturer's Warranty Peripherals, accessories, or other hardware sold by IGO that is not part of a pre-built system is covered by the Manufacturer's Warranty. We encourage our customers to fill out and mail in your product registration card, and to direct inquiries about warranties and returns to the manufacturer of the product.

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