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Custom Application Development

Is it time to develop a customized solution for your workplace headaches? The problem solvers at IGO can figure out a way to turn your paperwork nightmares into a simplified, easy-to-use computer program. Let us show you how easy a database-driven application can be to use, how it can save valuable time, reduce your paperwork, and best of all, save you money.

IGO will meet with you and your staff, sketch out your ideas, brainstorm options, and come back with a solution that best meets your needs and budget. We may recommend existing software, or develop a customized application. We can also provide training for your employees so they're comfortable using your new application.

IGO's customized applications run in a Web browser, which means they will work with your Mac, PC, or any other platform you may currently have. Each application is O/S independent, so they will work even on a mixed-computer network. In most cases, there will be no need to upgrade your existing operating systems. We can also help with firewall configuration so you can remotely access your new application.

"Because of the programming talent at IGO, my custom cheer-mix ordering Website is a one-of-a-kind. There's nothing else like it in the industry." - Mark Maynor, Monster Mix Productions

"Before IGO developed our inventory and point-of-sale applications, doing inventory took 4 employees an entire weekend, and customer invoices were hand-written. Now we take inventory in just a few hours and use our computerized sales records to help figure out the best places to advertise." - Brian Bleifus, Bleifus Tire, Alignment & Brake

"I know about dirt bikes, not computers. IGO helped me create a Web presence where I can sell my parts, allowing me to grow from basically nothing to a company that does tens of thousands in total sales every month. Some time later, when I noticed my accounting software was kludgy, slow and crashed frequently, IGO coded a customized backend solution that's fast, reliable and has made my business more efficient." - Forrest Green, Wheeling Cycle Supply

Please contact a sales professional at IGO for more information.

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