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If you're seeking advice on implemting an open-source solution to a proprietary headache, IGO can help. We offer consulting services on:

  • How can open-source help you? It's all over the news. Open-source solutions are being implemented by businesses and governments everywhere. They're discovering you can do the same and spend less, without having to step on the backs of your IT staff just to kiss the pinky rings of the huge software conglomerates. Let IGO show you how an open-source solution may be just the thing your bottom line needs.

  • Software Updates Need a strategy to automatically check for, receive and verify updates for your operating system and anti-virus software? IGO can provide an initial audit to determine critical system issues, then recommend and help implement an update routine to keep your systems patched. Don't leave your vulnerabilities exposed to Internet hackers. Let IGO show you how to lock-down your sensitive data and keep it away from prying eyes.

  • Networking Is a CAT-5 or wireless network the right choice for you? How can you safely network your critical systems together? Need help figuring out how to cordon off a particular server or area of your existing network? IGO will work together with your employees to identify your networking needs and recommend a solution that best meets your needs and budget.

  • Data Backup and Recovery What would happen if you went into work one morning, turned on your computer, and all that came up was the message HARD DRIVE FAILURE? Do you have backups of your data? How recent are they? Do you know how to restore them? Let IGO assess your backup needs and recommend a solution, then follow-up with professional training for your employees on implementing safe data storage techniques.

"We were unable to get a strong wireless signal in our back office due to interference from equipment in our hearing test room. IGO easily solved our connectivity problems, made sure our signal was strongly encrypted, and did so at an affordable price." - Sara Sable, Tri-State Audiology

"When we recently moved our office, IGO coordinated with our ISP and moved our entire network with minimal downtime." - Trudy Habursky, Career Search One

Please contact a sales professional at IGO for more information.

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