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IGO Arrest Database

arrest database

The IGO Arrest Database is a simple-to-use Web application used to store arrest information for individuals processed by your law enforcement department. It includes the following features:

  • Full-text index - search partial word matches for names, addresses and aliases
  • Runs in a Web browser - works on any computer with no additional software to install
  • In-house and/or remote access - the application can be configured to work only behind your department firewall, or for world-wide access via an SSL connection
  • Synchronize with other departments - data from other departments and agencies can be synchronized with your data to provide one central repository
  • Low system requirements - IGO can repurpose an old or seized computer to run the backend applications
  • Heirarchial access - three-tiered access structure allows one administrator to grant access rights to all personnel
  • Automatic activity logging - all access to the database is logged and can be reviewed by the administrator

Interested in seeing it in action? IGO has set up a test Website where you can log in with officer access, which gives you sufficient permissions to search and view the sample data we've provided. You'll need to contact IGO to receive a username and password to access the test Website.


The IGO Arrest Database is just $495 plus $49.95 per month. The recurring monthly charge provides you with technical support, software upgrades, and synchronization with other departments' data. If you require remote access, an SSL certificate is provided free of charge.

Note: The $495 initial cost assumes IGO will repurpose one of your old or seized computers to run the backend database and applications. IGO can also supply you with a brand-new computer for an additional $895. This computer will come with IGO's standard 2-year warranty on parts and labor.

Also note: IGO may be able to migrate your existing arrest data into the new database. Cost will depend on size, scope and cleanliness of the data. Please contact IGO for more details.

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